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"Save Your Last Dance for Me" is probably the only romantic Korean drama that I love and is crazy over. Well, there was once I was into "Autumn in My Heart" but really, it's nothing compared to "Save Your Last Dance for Me".

First of all, it starred 2 of my favourite actor & actress - Ji Sung & Eugene - one hell of a couple with great chemistry.

The simple guy but gorgeous Ji Sung (don't know why I find him so captivating)
and NO, not the footballer Park Ji Sung.

The stunningly beautiful Eugene Kim
and NO, not my friend Eugene Lim, who happens to be a guy..

Secondly, the story is, yes, lovey-dovey and lame but to a certain extent very realistic. It's like, even though it has the 'fairy tale' concept in it, which really puts you in this romantic mood, it somehow also contains realistic elements in it, which makes you forgive the lameness of a typical Korean drama.

Natural on-screen chemistry, sadly, not all Korean actors and actresses have

The story, I'd say is divided into 4 parts. Well, to me it is divided into 4 parts.

The first part is the introduction...the beginning of the whole story. It starts with the introduction of 2 people's lives and how they cross each others' paths.

Ying Xiu (Eugene) is a simple girl-next-door, who together with her father managed a pension called "Dream Forrest".

Eugene as Ying Xiu

Dream Forrest Can't help it...beautiful houses like these make me miss Liverpool

Xuan Yu (Ji Sung) is a rich boy who loves photography and do not like the fact that his dad wants him to manage the family's company. Eyeing the company is Xuan Yu's best friend, Tai Min. Well, Tai Min has his own revenge agenda going on...so basically he has his plans to take over the company and destroy Xuan Yu's family. Besides, Tai Min is jealous that Xuan Yu has the heart of Xiu Zhen, a girl which Tai Min has his eyes on.

Ji Sung as Chan Ho/Xuan Yu (Chan Ho during memory loss)

At the start of the show, Xuan Yu just came back from America, and has been arranged to help his dad with the company, much to his dismay. After an argument with his father, Xuan Yu ran away from home, met a thief, who stabbed him and pushed him off a cliff. The thief then drove off with Xuan Yu's car, met with an accident and died - leaving everyone to believe that Xuan Yu is dead since together with the thief is Xuan Yu's wallet and ID.

Xuan Yu, after gaining consciousness, met Ying Xiu and her father, who sent him to the hospital. He lost his memory and Ying Xiu reluctantly agreed to take him in.

A year passed and Ying Xiu and Xuan Yu became best friends, and then of course love develops. Of course there are more and more things that goes on in Dream Forrest - very romantic. But as the story goes, Tai Min learns that Xuan Yu is not dead and plans to take matters into his own hands by wanting to kidnap Xuan Yu and sends him off somewhere. But Xuan Yu managed to escape, knocks his head and woke up with his memory of the past fully recovered but lost the memory of the one year he had with Ying Xiu. So naturally Xuan Yu went back to his mum and dad, without knowing that he had left his beloved fiance Ying Xiu waiting and waiting and waiting.

The 2nd part tells the story of how Ying Xiu learns about Xuan Yu's whereabouts through her best friend Qiang Mi. Well, she then enters the company and later manage to win the heart of Xuan Yu again, though Xuan Yu still haven't regain his memory. Xuan Yu had left Xiu Zhen, whom he had never really felt 'love' for...he had merely confused a brotherly-sisterly love with true love when he was with Xiu Zhen. Xiu Zhen, using her dad's influence over Xuan Yu's company had indirectly forced Ying Xiu to leave Xuan Yu...telling Xuan Yu that she is actually a con, trying to con Xuan Yu's money.

The 3rd part is the part where Xuan Yu finally remembers everything - the whole truth and then went back to Dream Forrest to search for Ying Xiu. Of course this is also the climax of the story where Xuan Yu learns about Tai Min's evil plans. At this part, Xuan Yu's company has already fell into the hands of Tai Min and here is where Xuan Yu plans to regain control of his father's company.

The last part sees Eugene again left Xuan Yu after an accident (caused by Tai Min accidentally). Eugene was left half paralyze and in order to not burden Xuan Yu she left. But in the end, after another year, Xuan Yu found her again...Ya many years wasted in their relationship - that I noticed.

Eugene and Ji Sung has REALLY GOOD CHEMISTRY. Seeing them together in the movie is really like seeing a real couple. The way they talk to each other is really like they are a couple, or at least like really close friends. I like that about the show because it brings in realness.

From this show, I guess we learn that to love someone doesn't necessarily means that you need to have that someone. In the show, Ji Sung said, "They say, when you are in love, if you are not greedy, you'll feel like your in heaven; but if you are greedy in love, then you'll feel like your in hell." Beautifully said and something I think I really have to agree with.

I guess from this show I realize that I've never truly loved anyone, well except my family members of course. But I guess I can't never be like Ying Xiu...to truly love only one person with all her heart, to seek contentment just watching that someone be happy, even at her own expense. I know there are people like that - who can love someone with all their hearts, despite their own pain and sorrow. They are happy seeing that the man they love are happy. I have never been that selfless. I'm not sure if I ever will...I guess in some ways I'll find someone whom I can truly feel this way about, but I don't know. Maybe I'm not born to love.

But I guess the show is touching because, now that I'm rewatching it again, I am contemplating and trying to apply the philosophy of love into my dull and boring life. I guess I'm just too bored that I have nothing better to do. Sigh...what is up with me?

It's nice watching back "Save Your Last Dance for Me". It brings back memories...it was something I went crazy over 2 years ago. Some of the best songs are from this show.

Enough said, let me share with you some of my FAVOURITE SCENES!
From the first part of the story: their real happy and funny moments in the house

Both of them fooling around the house...

Ji Sung doing silly stuff just to make his girlfriend's day

And this scene is no doubt many people's favourite I think...
It's the place where both of them promised each other that they'll be together forever.
This is also the place where Ji Sung gave Eugene the 'Promise Necklace', another prominent element on the show
Oh ya..and a kissing scene...which despite their chemistry, doesn't really work =( hehe

The 'Promise Necklace'
Seriously, in real life, I doubt any guy would actually buy this for their girlfriends..because if they do, they'll have to wear it themselves. Hmmm...Will any guy (except the perfect Ji Sung of course) wear this around their neck 24-7? Personally I doubt it.
Heck, but what do I know about love right?

Oh ya and the necklace has a compartment for a love message.
Guys should really take lessons from Ji Sung...Seriously...

Weddings or well, in this case, engagement parties do tear me up.
Look at the groom...awww...and his beautiful bride-to-be.
Can anyone not like this scene?

This is a personal favourite scene. Both of them were magnificent in this scene.
In this scene, Xuan Yu tries to hide the truth about Xiu Zhen's commit suicide attempt because he does not want Ying Xiu to be sad.
Ying Xiu however already know the truth and feels like crying because she felt the pain of Xuan Yu but she can't cry, see, 'cuz she doesn't want Xuan Yu knows that she knows.
Ya, so long story short, let's just say, they delivered the emotions of 'not wanting your love ones to know that you are sad so you try as much as possible to hold back your tears'.
They are so good that I felt exactly how it will feel.

This is another memorable scene in the show. Besides the fact that Eugene looks super hot here, this is also supposingly the 'last' date before Ying Xiu decides to leave Xuan Yu, leaving him to Xiu Zhen after her committing suicide. Well, just another romantic scene to fill my guilty pleasures.

In this scene, Xuan Yu already regains his memory and touches Ying Xiu's heart...

Of ALL THE DATING SCENES, I think this one would be the best. Well, dude, personally, I'm such a beach person that all the dates by the beach will be my best.
I just love how they play by the beach, and take stupid photographs and ...well, it's more realistically driven.

The closing scene sees both of them together.
A perfect end to a perfect story.
Well, come on! Maybe fairy tales do happen. (At least in Korea)
I think it's something that I should try believing in again.

But seriously though, there are SO SO SO MANY OTHER GREAT SCENES IN THE SHOW THAT I CAN'T MANAGE TO FIND PICTURES OF. There's one where they went camping together with colleagues...and some other humorous scenes that tickles one's funny bones.

Impressive I think, besides the acting is also the continuity of the show. The flow and the continuity is superb and I would say, flawless. The director really took the details into account and there is really nothing questionable or vague about most of the storyline in the movie. I think that is impressive because there are a few Hong Kong dramas that never seemed to ensure the continuity of the drama. Well, that just sometimes make the whole drama stupid and ridiculous.

I know this is too long man! Haha...but this is a 20 episode drama we are talking about. I seriously recommend this Korean drama to anyone who loves romantic Korean dramas. If you don't I think it should also be worth a try. I mean, I'm so over love and romantic dramas but I still love this one...=D

I shall leave you with the show's theme song....VERY BRILLIANT SONG!
"Give My Love"

With LotSa Lurve,


  1. One of my favorite drama ever!

  2. Eugene and Ji Sung Rocks, hopefully there is a
    reunion another drama. I agree STLD is the best drama.