Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"Save Your Last Dance for Me" is probably the only romantic Korean drama that I love and is crazy over. Well, there was once I was into "Autumn in My Heart" but really, it's nothing compared to "Save Your Last Dance for Me".

First of all, it starred 2 of my favourite actor & actress - Ji Sung & Eugene - one hell of a couple with great chemistry.

The simple guy but gorgeous Ji Sung (don't know why I find him so captivating)
and NO, not the footballer Park Ji Sung.

The stunningly beautiful Eugene Kim
and NO, not my friend Eugene Lim, who happens to be a guy..

Secondly, the story is, yes, lovey-dovey and lame but to a certain extent very realistic. It's like, even though it has the 'fairy tale' concept in it, which really puts you in this romantic mood, it somehow also contains realistic elements in it, which makes you forgive the lameness of a typical Korean drama.

Natural on-screen chemistry, sadly, not all Korean actors and actresses have

The story, I'd say is divided into 4 parts. Well, to me it is divided into 4 parts.

The first part is the introduction...the beginning of the whole story. It starts with the introduction of 2 people's lives and how they cross each others' paths.

Ying Xiu (Eugene) is a simple girl-next-door, who together with her father managed a pension called "Dream Forrest".

Eugene as Ying Xiu

Dream Forrest Can't help it...beautiful houses like these make me miss Liverpool

Xuan Yu (Ji Sung) is a rich boy who loves photography and do not like the fact that his dad wants him to manage the family's company. Eyeing the company is Xuan Yu's best friend, Tai Min. Well, Tai Min has his own revenge agenda going on...so basically he has his plans to take over the company and destroy Xuan Yu's family. Besides, Tai Min is jealous that Xuan Yu has the heart of Xiu Zhen, a girl which Tai Min has his eyes on.

Ji Sung as Chan Ho/Xuan Yu (Chan Ho during memory loss)

At the start of the show, Xuan Yu just came back from America, and has been arranged to help his dad with the company, much to his dismay. After an argument with his father, Xuan Yu ran away from home, met a thief, who stabbed him and pushed him off a cliff. The thief then drove off with Xuan Yu's car, met with an accident and died - leaving everyone to believe that Xuan Yu is dead since together with the thief is Xuan Yu's wallet and ID.

Xuan Yu, after gaining consciousness, met Ying Xiu and her father, who sent him to the hospital. He lost his memory and Ying Xiu reluctantly agreed to take him in.

A year passed and Ying Xiu and Xuan Yu became best friends, and then of course love develops. Of course there are more and more things that goes on in Dream Forrest - very romantic. But as the story goes, Tai Min learns that Xuan Yu is not dead and plans to take matters into his own hands by wanting to kidnap Xuan Yu and sends him off somewhere. But Xuan Yu managed to escape, knocks his head and woke up with his memory of the past fully recovered but lost the memory of the one year he had with Ying Xiu. So naturally Xuan Yu went back to his mum and dad, without knowing that he had left his beloved fiance Ying Xiu waiting and waiting and waiting.

The 2nd part tells the story of how Ying Xiu learns about Xuan Yu's whereabouts through her best friend Qiang Mi. Well, she then enters the company and later manage to win the heart of Xuan Yu again, though Xuan Yu still haven't regain his memory. Xuan Yu had left Xiu Zhen, whom he had never really felt 'love' for...he had merely confused a brotherly-sisterly love with true love when he was with Xiu Zhen. Xiu Zhen, using her dad's influence over Xuan Yu's company had indirectly forced Ying Xiu to leave Xuan Yu...telling Xuan Yu that she is actually a con, trying to con Xuan Yu's money.

The 3rd part is the part where Xuan Yu finally remembers everything - the whole truth and then went back to Dream Forrest to search for Ying Xiu. Of course this is also the climax of the story where Xuan Yu learns about Tai Min's evil plans. At this part, Xuan Yu's company has already fell into the hands of Tai Min and here is where Xuan Yu plans to regain control of his father's company.

The last part sees Eugene again left Xuan Yu after an accident (caused by Tai Min accidentally). Eugene was left half paralyze and in order to not burden Xuan Yu she left. But in the end, after another year, Xuan Yu found her again...Ya many years wasted in their relationship - that I noticed.

Eugene and Ji Sung has REALLY GOOD CHEMISTRY. Seeing them together in the movie is really like seeing a real couple. The way they talk to each other is really like they are a couple, or at least like really close friends. I like that about the show because it brings in realness.

From this show, I guess we learn that to love someone doesn't necessarily means that you need to have that someone. In the show, Ji Sung said, "They say, when you are in love, if you are not greedy, you'll feel like your in heaven; but if you are greedy in love, then you'll feel like your in hell." Beautifully said and something I think I really have to agree with.

I guess from this show I realize that I've never truly loved anyone, well except my family members of course. But I guess I can't never be like Ying Xiu...to truly love only one person with all her heart, to seek contentment just watching that someone be happy, even at her own expense. I know there are people like that - who can love someone with all their hearts, despite their own pain and sorrow. They are happy seeing that the man they love are happy. I have never been that selfless. I'm not sure if I ever will...I guess in some ways I'll find someone whom I can truly feel this way about, but I don't know. Maybe I'm not born to love.

But I guess the show is touching because, now that I'm rewatching it again, I am contemplating and trying to apply the philosophy of love into my dull and boring life. I guess I'm just too bored that I have nothing better to do. Sigh...what is up with me?

It's nice watching back "Save Your Last Dance for Me". It brings back memories...it was something I went crazy over 2 years ago. Some of the best songs are from this show.

Enough said, let me share with you some of my FAVOURITE SCENES!
From the first part of the story: their real happy and funny moments in the house

Both of them fooling around the house...

Ji Sung doing silly stuff just to make his girlfriend's day

And this scene is no doubt many people's favourite I think...
It's the place where both of them promised each other that they'll be together forever.
This is also the place where Ji Sung gave Eugene the 'Promise Necklace', another prominent element on the show
Oh ya..and a kissing scene...which despite their chemistry, doesn't really work =( hehe

The 'Promise Necklace'
Seriously, in real life, I doubt any guy would actually buy this for their girlfriends..because if they do, they'll have to wear it themselves. Hmmm...Will any guy (except the perfect Ji Sung of course) wear this around their neck 24-7? Personally I doubt it.
Heck, but what do I know about love right?

Oh ya and the necklace has a compartment for a love message.
Guys should really take lessons from Ji Sung...Seriously...

Weddings or well, in this case, engagement parties do tear me up.
Look at the groom...awww...and his beautiful bride-to-be.
Can anyone not like this scene?

This is a personal favourite scene. Both of them were magnificent in this scene.
In this scene, Xuan Yu tries to hide the truth about Xiu Zhen's commit suicide attempt because he does not want Ying Xiu to be sad.
Ying Xiu however already know the truth and feels like crying because she felt the pain of Xuan Yu but she can't cry, see, 'cuz she doesn't want Xuan Yu knows that she knows.
Ya, so long story short, let's just say, they delivered the emotions of 'not wanting your love ones to know that you are sad so you try as much as possible to hold back your tears'.
They are so good that I felt exactly how it will feel.

This is another memorable scene in the show. Besides the fact that Eugene looks super hot here, this is also supposingly the 'last' date before Ying Xiu decides to leave Xuan Yu, leaving him to Xiu Zhen after her committing suicide. Well, just another romantic scene to fill my guilty pleasures.

In this scene, Xuan Yu already regains his memory and touches Ying Xiu's heart...

Of ALL THE DATING SCENES, I think this one would be the best. Well, dude, personally, I'm such a beach person that all the dates by the beach will be my best.
I just love how they play by the beach, and take stupid photographs and ...well, it's more realistically driven.

The closing scene sees both of them together.
A perfect end to a perfect story.
Well, come on! Maybe fairy tales do happen. (At least in Korea)
I think it's something that I should try believing in again.

But seriously though, there are SO SO SO MANY OTHER GREAT SCENES IN THE SHOW THAT I CAN'T MANAGE TO FIND PICTURES OF. There's one where they went camping together with colleagues...and some other humorous scenes that tickles one's funny bones.

Impressive I think, besides the acting is also the continuity of the show. The flow and the continuity is superb and I would say, flawless. The director really took the details into account and there is really nothing questionable or vague about most of the storyline in the movie. I think that is impressive because there are a few Hong Kong dramas that never seemed to ensure the continuity of the drama. Well, that just sometimes make the whole drama stupid and ridiculous.

I know this is too long man! Haha...but this is a 20 episode drama we are talking about. I seriously recommend this Korean drama to anyone who loves romantic Korean dramas. If you don't I think it should also be worth a try. I mean, I'm so over love and romantic dramas but I still love this one...=D

I shall leave you with the show's theme song....VERY BRILLIANT SONG!
"Give My Love"

With LotSa Lurve,

Sunday, July 5, 2009


So, I have to be honest. I've been neglecting my studies and watching One Tree Hill alot for 2 days. Well, I really think I deserve a break after 2 weeks of intense assignment drama.

Anyway, One Tree Hill has become the new addiction of mine. I wasn't really a fan of One Tree Hill previously because I don't like Chad Michael Murray. Yes, don't ask me why. I like cute guys but not Chad. That's not the point though.

I used to watch The O.C. instead of One Tree Hill, but soon, I got tired of The O.C. I mean, it's too fake and stupid and dramatic. One Tree Hill however, was more realistic for me. I don't know, somehow, in some ways, I feel that I can relate in some ways to what some of the characters experience.

My siblings however was more One Tree Hill fans. They have been watching it since forever. Well, I never really get that hype until recently when they watched Season 6 on DVD. My cousin Beatrice is another One Tree Hill fan and she has the whole of Season 5 and half of Season 6 on DVD, which she then lend to my siblings. So, I started watching when they watch it on TV and I became hooked because of Little Jamie Scott. He is so so adorable. At first, I just watch the episodes with loads of Jamie in it, but later I just got interested in the other characters' progress as well.

Well, now I'm back to square one, watching Season 1.

I guess One Tree Hill is all about Basketball, family and friendship, and of course love. Well I know I say that One Tree Hill is realistic, but I guess it is also unrealistic at the same time. Maybe it's the culture difference, but I really can't see how Haley can be married and pregnant at 18 and have a 5-year-old at only 22. I'm 22 and I really don't see myself there at all. Plus, with so many things going on for her, she can still have a good career (as a teacher) at 22. Brooke is a successful fashion designer at 22. Peyton owns a record company at 22. Lucas, a successful writer at 22. Mouth a successful sportscaster at 22. Wow...it's like all the characters are basically successful at this ridiculously young age. I haven't even graduated at 22.

However, even though it's fake in some ways, you can't help but love them all. My favourite character is ...guess?

Ok besides Jamie is Haley. I think of all the characters, I hope to be like her the most. She's simple yet so special. She's nice and sweet. She has a happy family, with a great son and hot husband. Who doesn't want that right? Plus, she said one of the greatest quotes ever in the show. One that really help me went through the past weeks.
"You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate, or bad luck or bad choices, or you can fight back. Things aren't always gonna be fair in the real world, that's just the way it is."

-Haley James Scott

How true. And I believe so. I worked hard for my assignments and what do I get? 3rd class. And people who are doing lesser are getting better grades. Fairness? Nah. Not happening. I was giving up really. Devastated. Losing hope. But I guess Haley is right. I can blame it on my luck or anything else but I guess all I have to do now is to FIGHT BACK. I mean, I believe in fate and destiny, but sometimes, it's not everything. Things that doesn't kill me makes me stronger right? I hope so.

I like Nathan next. He's so sweet. I mean, he started off as a jerk but Haley transformed him. That's the beauty of this couple. Secretly, as a girl, I think we all like the satisfaction of being able to change someone, or make someone a better person. That's why I love Nathan and Haley. There are perfect together and watching them brings me to fantasy land.

The perfect couple

This video is by Haley...one of my favourite song by her - "Halo"

I'm at episode 10 right now. I wished I could write more, but I can't. I have to get back to the books. Sad...

Well, till next time!

Lotsa Lurve,

Thursday, May 21, 2009


(I made the pic above as a tribute to my fave couple on DWTS 8)

Sometimes, we have to admit that reality shows that requires voting just ain't fair.

Usually, it's not about who's the best, but rather, who's the most popular.
And today, sadly, once again I face this fact. Gilles Marini, consistently on the TOP of the Dancing with the Stars chart has lost to Shawn Johnson.

Well, surprisingly, 4 months ago when the casts of the new season was revealed, I knew immediately it was going to be Shawn. I mean, the history of DWTS says it - all Olympian or sportsmen/women usually wins it. And therefore, I knew Shawn is going to win before it even started. Then when I saw Gilles, I thought, wow...maybe this time, things would be different, because Gilles is really really BRILLIANT.

Gilles, however, is French and has a really small fan base. (I'd say maybe none?) I mean, have you even heard of Gilles Marini before this (or even now?) Sadly, no. But he is hot. He has a cameo in "Sex and the City: The Movie" and apparently in "Ugly Betty". See, I don't even notice him before. But now, I'm definitely gonna. He's really hot...especially in Paso Doble! OMG!

So with his small fan base, it is difficult for him to get votes. But...he has managed to get to the FINALS and that means HE IS REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! And the best part is, he is paired with one of my MOST favourite pro dancer, Cheryl Burke. What a combination....!

The thing about Gilles is, he is the ONLY male celebrity on the show, throughout 8 seasons that I actually love watching. Usually I focus on the girls dancing, I mean, duh...their legs and movements....so stunning. But Gilles, he is the only male celebrity who can shake it and dance like a PRO. He's fluid and his body movements are beautiful. Seriously...if you actually watch DWTS...you'll know what I mean.

Cheryl has always been great in chereography, even though I do think that Derek and Mark and Julianne are also good. But Cheryl is the more serious or conventional kinda chereographer, whereas Derek, Mark & Julianne are younger, so they are more fun and usually they add hip-hop styles in their moves. Cheryl is great in creating a dance with storylines and also always brings out the character or personality of her celeb partner. So she always score with the judges on that.

For example, Cheryl & Gilles 'Quickstep' is most amazing! It made me love them and most importantly, made me love Quickstep which I usually think is boring. In their QuickStep, Gilles play Clark Kent and Cheryl plays Louis...it's brilliant. You should watch it on YouTube. There are so many other dances that wowed me...I can't describe it all.

(Gilles & Cheryl's Quickstep)

When they dance, you really feel the emotions. I've watched many many "Dancing with the Stars" clips on Youtube...but no one ever captured me with their emotions during the dances. Gilles taught me what is translating emotions into dances. Every step he takes in his dance, he delivers in emotions....you see he feels it. He is an ARTISTE! That makes him different. It is boring to see some dancers because there is not personality or emotions in the dances, but there is with Gilles. I don't know how to credit his techniques (but I'm sure they are good) but I know that he is a true performer.

I think with his ability to carry his emotions into his dancer, he is definitely a FANTASTIC actor. I think it's a waste that he doesn't get to star in more bigger roles. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of him because i think he is really talented. i hope the show opened up more opportunities for him.

But today was sad because Gilles lost to Shawn. Sigh....VERY DISAPPOINTED. I admit though that during the finals, Shawn's freestyle was exceptional, but Gilles' paso was also BRILLIANT!...but then again, sadly, the freestyle is like the determinant factor, just like how the American Idols are judged based on their final song. DARN IT! But Shawn is also one great dancer, she is also very fun to watch. And so CONGRATULATIONS SHAWN!

Gilles has been on the TOP for the most weeks and gained the most 30 in the season...so in my heart, HE IS STILL THE WINNER & THE BEST MALE DANCER THROUGHOUT ALL 8 SEASONS!!!

I'm just so sad that I won't be able to look forward to another of his dance. Sigh...
Love Gilles & Cheryl all the way....

With LotSa Lurve,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sometimes we are so focused in getting what we want that we forgot that it involves others....and what they feel'

Today's episode of "Ugly Betty" is centered around the above quote.

Another meaningful episode. That's why i love "Ugly Betty". It's funny always, and entertaining but nonetheless always there to subconsciously make u ponder on stuffs. I think it's a remarkable way to teach people a lesson - don't tell them, but let them think and tell themselves.

In this episode, we see how sometimes we refuse to see, or maybe can't see that what we want for ourselves is affecting other people's lives.

Betty meets up again with Gio again after his trip to Rome. Gio, who was rejected by Betty previously now hates Betty. Betty did everything she could to once again be friends with Gio, because she doesn't want to be regarded as 'bad', like Gio said she was.

She wants so badly to be friends again with Gio that she doesn't know that her presence is hurting Gio. He is still not over her breaking his heart.

Gio told her that she didn't do all the things to make Gio feel better, but rather to make herself feel less guilty, which is true. I've definitely been through Betty's situation before and i guess sometimes, we overdo things. We think of ourselves as noble and helpful but in fact, actually, we do it because we want ourselves to be accepted, we want to be "GOOD".

In Betty's case, she wanted so badly to be accepted again by her friend that she can't see how she's hurting him.

Daniel, Betty's boss found out that his son, DJ is not his real son, but his brother's. He then found out that therefore he would lose custody of DJ to DJ's grandparents. Daniel then plans to evade with DJ because he refuse to give up his son to the grandparents in France.

Daniel only thought of himself and his son, and how bad he wanted his 'son' but he couldn't see that DJ was also all that his grandparents had after DJ's mother died. Besides, DJ's grandparents are good people, deserving of the chance to spend time with their grandson too.

So, in Daniel's case, he wanted to keep his son so badly that he can't see how he's being unfair to DJ's grandparents and how sad those two old folks would be for not being able to have their grandson with them.

Hilda, Betty's sister is in love with Tony Diaz, her son's coach. Tony, however, is married with a wife who he doesn't have feelings anymore. Tony finally decides to come clean to his wife, telling her that he has met someone whom he really loves. Tony's wife, who thought that Betty was the one Tony is having an affair with, accidentally confronted Hilda, and told her that she still loves Tony and wanted a second chance with Tony.

Hilda wanted to be with Tony so badly that she didn't think of how his wife is feeling. Tony wanted to be with Hilda so badly that he also didn't think of how his wife is feeling. He only knows that he loves Hilda and he neglected the fact that his wife might still have feelings for him.

I love Hilda's words. She said she and her ex-husband never had a second chance because her husband was killed in a robbery. Therefore, she wants to give Tony's wife a second chance with her husband. She doesn't want to be the reason their marriage fail. She doesn't want to be responsible.

In the end, everyone realizes that sometimes we pursue somethings all the way for our own contentment without realizing what we are doing to others. I guess this is something i'd try to think about the next time i want something haha.

Anywayz cheers to "Ugly Betty" for being the TV show worth watching...

With LotSa Lurve,

Tammy C

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


American Idol season is back and I'm loving the new judge, Kara.

The new panel of judges

The HOT Kara Dioguardi - new American Idol judge

Honestly, I usually agree with her and I feel like she is the judge that is not as blunt as Simon but still manages to give clever and spot on criticism. Plus, she's hot. Paula, who's starting to get on my nerves, really should learn from Kara.

There was one episode in which a bikini girl came for audition. Seriously, even though she sounded okay, I think she's so bitchy and her attitude is so annoying. Simon and Randy sided her while Kara was totally against her. That bikini girl even challenged Kara and thought she was better than Kara. Oh plzz...she got to go to Hollywood but thank God was eliminated this week in Hollywood. I mean, her diva and so self-indulgent attitude is not gonna get her far anyway.

Bikini-Bitch - Karina Darrell

You know, she did not practice singing with her group because she was "too tired because she had wore heels the whole day." For Goodness sake, don't wear heels then. Wearing heels won't help you through the competition anyway. I guess she believe that if she continue with her sluttiness (ahem, excuse my language) and her ways of seduction, she'll going to make it to the finals. She thinks the audience or the Americans are stupid, does she?

It's either she's purposely being that patheticly bitchy for the show or she is really like that. She even posed for the camera when she was on stage being judged. How vain. Even Kara couldn't stand her and called her a biarch, which was censored of course.

I mean, it's one thing she got eliminated but her 'good' doings has caused her other group members their ticket to the next level of the competition. Pity them, but they did forget the lyrics due to lack of practice.

Anyway, there are also a few early favourites that I feel is going to go super far in the competition. Here are my list of early favourites. Their voices are beautiful....

Stevie Wright - She reminds me of Colbie Caillat. She's young and pretty and extremely talented
Stevie Wright - Right for Idol

Scott McIntyre - He's blind but he has beautiful eyes and a voice of an angel. He plays instruments and graduated college at the age of 19. Genius or what?

Scott McIntyre - pure musician - next Andrea Bocelli!

Ashley Anderson - Her rendition of Leona Lewis's "Footprints in the Sand" blew me away. I think she has definitely got what it takes.

Matt Breitzke - He might not look like Tom Cruise or any hottie. He's a married man, a father who loves his son and happens to have a beautiful, natural voice. I think he'll sing country songs very well. I like his voice because he sings effortlessly and it's so natural.

Anoop or...Noop Dawg haha - He's and Indian and such an adorable geek. His outer appearance might not work for him but he sure has got a voice. I just hope he doesn't end up like Sanjaya - a laughing stock.

Anoop Dogg

Michael Castro - Jason Castro's brother. Who is Jason Castro? Haha..he's one of my favourite last season. He finished 4th or 5th in the competition and he is a super charming lad. Jason is very simple with his singing...he just plays a guitar and does his things. Something like John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz-zy style I'd say. Overall I was a fan of Jason. Michael Castro has a more aggressive, punk rock style. I'm not sure if I'm gonna like him, but he sounded good during the auditions and since he's Jason's bro, I'm gonna also root for him.

Kris Allen - A simple guy next door. The perfect good looking and sweet and humble guy. Might not have the chops for large songs but he does his thing.

Kris Allen - sweet

With lotsa love,
Tammy c

Thursday, May 22, 2008


David Archuleta

David Cook
(The Cook)

This season is definitely the GREATEST finale thus far!

What am I talking about?? AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!

I am a huge fan of American Idol, but sadly not Malaysian Idol, and this season, I must say, is one of my favourite seasons since it is the first time where I actually love the 2 finalists and I am just watching to support the both of them and see who wins. I really don't know how to pick. I mean, they both have different styles and I love both! I am so so excited to see they battle it out and of course, to me, the most important thing is not who wins, but rather, enjoying the whole moment. I guess I truly understand how they feel.

Winning is one thing, but I guess, if I were them, I would be proud just to be on that stage as one of the Final 2. And that moment, is definitely a moment I'd treasure and embrace for the rest of my life. I do believe that both of them felt that way and that's why I saw tears in their eyes. I guess it's the contentment and the gratefulness to be able to be there at that moment. I've never really had such a big moment, but I do know how it's like to be so grateful and feel so blessed.

In my opinion, both the Davids did amazing. Though I do agree that in the first round, David A.was the more impressive one. His flawless and impeccable vocals made the song "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" by Elton John (a song that bored me to tears if sang by any other singers) sounded so so so BRILLIANT!! However, I disagree with Simon that David Archuleta picked a better song than David Cook in the second round because personally, I really enjoyed Cook's song while Archuleta's was pretty boring and not as catchy.

1st ROUND:
Archuleta's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSNY2FMmDoE
Cook's "I Haven't Found": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyF45SKf8Ns&feature=related

2nd ROUND:
Archuleta's "In This Moment": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pblMF63Kvcg&feature=related
Cook's "Dream Big": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fer_6DFGkh4

The third round however, to me, was a tie. Both were okay. I mean David Archuleta sang his rendition of "Imagine", which he had spectacularly done before, so there were no surprises there. David Cook opt to do something different, and ya, though it definitely wasn't as good as some of his previous works, but he has definitely got a point when he says "the show is a progression...so why do a song which I have done before". I so DIG that answer! But I just wished that he could have blown us away with that song, just like how he did with "Billie Jean".

3rd ROUND:
Archuleta's "Imagine": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIVGXp9B0tg&feature=related
Cook's "The World I Know": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxTiBq5I_7g

Anywayz, the show was fabulous. Like I said, the greatest showdown of all times!!! I've never seen any 2 greater talents battle it out. I have to say, America got it so so right this time. Of course, I like Jason Castro, but we just know he is not idol material (yet). He'll do better playing his guitar and doing his own thing, with his own style ya. I'll continue to support his music nonetheless.

Of course the results are out and David Cook has just been crowned 'IDOL'. I am HAPPY!! And I believe Archuleta will also be very successful. A lot of people got it wrong. Many thought that Archuleta will win, (even Simon predicted that...hah!) but Americans proved everyone WRONG! So, it is not a popularity contest after all huh? Haha...i doubt it. Cook is also very popular.

But then it's great to have a change. I mean, previous idols were all kinda pop-pish with ballads etc, but yes, it's great to have a ROCKER win for once! And Cook is definitely, in my opinion the better rocker than Chris Daughtry (no offense to Chris's fans though). I am just kinda over Daughtry...cuz i heard he is quite snobbish and not appreciative of fans. I don't know. Rumors maybe. But then again, Cook is definitely the more creative rocker. Plus, it's great that Simon gets it wrong once ya. Hehehehe....

Actually my favourite judge is Randy. I just am sad that he doesn't get the credits he deserves. All the limelight is on Simon (and sadly, Paula the aunty also) and sometimes it is so not necessary. Pity Randy. I really think he's a cool dude!

Anywayz I just wish all the idols the best. The idols this season were mostly cool so I really hope to hear from them soon. (As in hear their albums...but if they wanna call me, I wouldn't mind hehe)

Take carezzz

~ CHaoZZ and With LOtsa Love ~